Sin x GBRL


We are born by the ocean in Burleigh Heads, so the ocean and reefs are close to our heart. We have decades of experience crafting product and wanted to play our part in preserving the amazing natural environment we all enjoy. As such, our partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Legacy was born.

Not only do we donate a portion of all Recycled Sunglasses sales to the Great Barrier Reef Legacy, we also challenged ourselves to find materials that were recycled and recyclable to craft our product without having to sacrifice on durability and comfort. We now have a huge recycled range and plan on converting existing styles to recycled also. Look for the Green Recycled label or Great Barrier Reef Legacy logo when on our site to know you are doing your part too.

These products are made from more sustainable materials and with each purchase we make a donation to the Great Barrier Reef Legacy to continue their amazing advocacy and conservation work.
Click here to see some of the amazing projects the Great Barrier Reef Legacy are working on.
As we say see (sea) good and do good, we are here for chasin the sun and chasin a better future.